Darlin' Corey

Wake up, wake up Darlin' Corey
What makes you sleep so sound?
Them revenue officers are coming
Gonna tear your still-house down

The first time I saw Darlin' Corey
She was standing by the banks of the sea
She had a 44 pistol strapped around her
And a banjo on her knee

Go away, go away, Darlin' Corey,
Quit hanging around my bed
Pretty women run me distracted,
Corn likker killing me most dead

Go away, go away, Darlin' Corey
Go do the best you can
I found me another woman
Go find you another man
Oh yes, oh yes, my darlin',
I'll do the best I can
But I ain't gonna waste my pleasure
On another gamblin' man

The last time I saw Darlin' Corey
She had a dram glass in her hand
She was a drinking away her troubles
With a low-down gamblin' man

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold, cold ground
Go dig me a hole in the meadow
Gotta lay my Darlin' Corey down.



Elizabeth LaPrelle
284 White Rock Furnace Rd.
Rural Retreat, VA 24368
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