Grandpa's Favorites
Recorded at Flyin' Cloud Studios
Engineered by Doug Rorrer
Produced by Kirk Sutphin
Mixed by Kirk Sutphin & Tom Mylet
Cover Design by Scott Eaton
Kirk Sutphin-(fiddle & banjo)
Lisa Sutphin-
PaulSutphin-(guitar & vocals)
Verlen Clifton-
(mandolin & vocals)
Eddie Bond- (fiddle, banjo & vocals)
Richard Bowman-(fiddle)
Barbara Bowman-
Jim Lloyd- (banjo)
Pat Conte- (banjo)
Bill Dillof- (banjo)
Tom Mylet- (banjo)
Riley Baugus-
Kinney Rorrer- (banjo)
Doug Rorrer-
Keith Hiatt-


Grandpa's Favorites

1.Fire on the Mountain
2. Peacock Rag
3. Sweet Marie
4. Chinese Breakdown
5. Let Me Fall
6. Rachel
7. Prison Sorrows
8. Peek-a-boo Waltz
9. John Hardy
10. Don't Drink Nothin' But Corn
11. Sunny Home in Dixie
12. Lonesome Road Blues
13. John Henry
14. Honeysuckle
15. When I Can Read My Title Clear
16. Yellow Rose of Texas
17. Lee County Blues
18. Home Sweet Home / Silver Bells

mp3 Previews

Lee County Blues (3.4mb)
The New Camp Creek Band
John Henry (3.4mb)
Kirk, Eddie & Lisa