Grandpa's Favorites

Recorded at Flyin' Cloud Studios
Engineered by Doug Rorrer
Produced by Kirk Sutphin
Cover Design by Deni McIntyre
Kirk Sutphin-(fiddle & banjo)
Wayne Sutphin-
Teri McMurray-(banjo & banjo-uke)
Riley Baugus-
(guitar & banjo)
Will McIntyre- (bass)


The Old Hollow Stringband
Old-Time Music from North Carolina

1. Second John Henry
2. John Brown's Dream
3. Yum Yum Blues
4. Forks of Sandy
5. Back-Step Cindy
6. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
7. Bye & Bye I'm Going to See the King
8. Lynchburg Town
9. Reuben
10. Dixine Rag
11. Ducks on the Millpond
12. Ladies on a Steamboat
13. Fall On My Knees
14. John Henry
15. Sally Ann

mp3 Previews

Back Step Cindy (3mb)