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The Red State Ramblers
  1. Pat 'Em on the Back
  2. Curly Headed Woman
  3. Ida Red
  4. Ol' Bangum
  5. Roll On Buddy
  6. Maysville
  7. Don't Give All the Lard Away
  8. Indian Ate the Woodchuck
  9. Mike in the Wilderness
  10. I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
  11. Yellow Barber
  12. Cumberland Blues
  13. Groundhog
  14. Blackberry Blossom
  15. Pearly Gates
  16. Five Miles to Town
  17. Margaret's Waltz
Weary Woman Blues
The Buffalo Creek String Band
  1. Elkhorn Ridge
  2. Mining Camp Blues
  3. You Don't Tell Me That You Love Me Anymore
  4. Bile Them Cabbages
  5. Jealous Hearted Me
  6. Bear Creek Blues
  7. Making Believe
  8. Gospel Plow
  9. Oklahoma Rooster
  10. Please Baby
  11. Walking In My Sleep
  12. Rock Island
  13. Weary Blues
  14. Polly's Mountain Kettle
  15. Willow Garden
  16. Roscoe's Gone
Lizard in the Spring
Elizabeth LaPrelle
  1. Awake, Awake
  2. East Virginia
  3. Sail Away Ladies
  4. Texas Ranger
  5. Peg & Awl
  6. Moonshiner
  7. Liza Up A 'Simmon Tree
  8. Blind Bartemus
  9. Casey Jones
  10. Three Little Babes
  11. Payday at Coal Creek
  12. Handsome Molly
  13. Hangman
  14. Beware Young Ladies
  15. Little Darling Pal of Mine
  16. Pretty Saro
  17. Sweet Roseanne
  18. Mole in the Ground
Homestead on the Farm
The Hushpuppies
1. Hot Corn, Cold Corn
2. When It’s Time for the Whippoorwill To Sing
3. Honeysuckle
4. My Name Is John Johanna
5. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
6. Florida Blues
7. Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia
8. Sunny Side of the Mountain
9. Come Over and See Me Sometime
10. Mistreated Mama
11. June Rose Waltz
12. Cornbread and Butterbeans
13. Your Wagon Needs Greasing
14. Down in Baltimore
15. Rise When the Rooster Crows
16. Suppertime
17. Homestead on the Farm
Two Mules
Adam Tanner & Frank Lee
1.Whoa Mule
2.When I Miss A Cowboy
3.Sugar In The Gourd
4.Run Kitty Run
5.Elkhorn Ridge
6.Cripple Creek
7.Kickin' Mule
8.Little Gal'l Fool Me
9.Dough Roller Blues
10.Julianne Johnson
11.I've Always Been A Rambler
12.Great Big Taters In Sandy Land
Bashful Mountain Broadcasters
  1. Shooting Creek
  2. Boat's Up The River
  3. Gospel Plow
  4. Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
  5. Fall On My Knees
  6. Texas Traveler
  7. Western Country
  8. Red Rocking Chair
  9. John Hardy
  10. Going Across The Sea
  11. Cluck Old Hen
  12. Mattie Grove
  13. Tom Dooley
  14. Reuben
  15. Sitting On Top Of The World

Rooster on a Limb
The Carolina Jug Stompers

1. Money Never Runs Out
2. Maybelle Rag
3. Going to Germany
4. Bum Bum Blues
5. New Orleans Wiggle/
Somebody Stole My Gal
6. Gin Done Done It
7. Under the Chicken Tree
8. Lonely One in This Town
9. Cotton Picker’s Rag
10. Central Georgia Blues
11. Rooster on a Limb
12. Please Baby
13. Podunk Toddle
14. K.C. Moan
15. Georgia Pines
16. Busted
17. Carolina Shout/ House Rent Rag

Rain and Snow
Elizabeth LaPrelle
1. Gypsen Davey
2. Black is the Color
3. Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
4. My Dearest Dear
5. Darlin' Corey
6. Over the River Charlie
7. Squirrel
8. Wagoner's Lad
9. Come All You Virginia Girls
10. West Virginia Mine Disaster
11. Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Gal
12. Devil's Nine Questions
13. Young Emily
14. Pretty Saro
15. Storm's are on the Ocean
16. Whole Heap A Little Horse
17. Rain an Snow

Rare Rags & String Band Blues
Adam Tanner and the Dirty Rag Mob
1.Plowboy Hop
2.Southern Blues
3.That’s It
4.B-flat Rag
5.Hawkin’s Rag
6.Coal Mine Blues
7.Dry Town Blues
8.Somethin’ Doin’
9.Cumberland Blues
10.Fingerin’ With Your Fingers
11.Easy Winner
12.Rattlesnake Daddy
13.Big Eyed Rabbit
14.Duck Shoes Rag
15.My Trouble Blues
16.Georgia Camp Meeting
17.Sunset Waltz
The Hushpuppies

1- Cotton Eyed Joe
2- Lonesome Pine Special
3- Likes Likker Better Than Me
4- Sweet Summer Has Gone Away
5- Maid of Monterey
6- Don’t That Road Look Rough & Rocky
7- A Message From Home Sweet Home
8- Croquet Habit
9- Branded Wherever IGo
10- New Charleston
11- Single Girl
12- Fancy Nancy/Hickman’s Rag
13- Life’s Railway to Heaven
14- Wait Till the Clouds Roll By
15- Shoo Fly
16- Flying Cloud

Special Issues:

The Sweetest Way Home
Mac & Jenny Traynham
  1. When The Springtime Comes Again
  2. Mid The Greenfields of Virginia
  3. The Sweetest Way Home
  4. You Must Believe
  5. When You & I Were Young, Maggie
  6. Home On The River
  7. Have I Told You Lately
  8. Foggy Mountain Top
  9. Vine Covered Chapel
  10. Southern Moon
  11. A True Sweetheart
  12. Are You From Dixie?
  13. Are You Tired of Me, Darling?
  14. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
When the Roses
Bloom In Dixie Land

Mac & Jenny Traynham
  1. When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
  2. Gosh! I Miss You All The Time
  3. By The Cottage Door
  4. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
  5. See That Train
  6. Broken-Hearted Lover
  7. I See God In Everything
  8. The Old Folks At Home
  9. Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea
  10. The Fugitive's Lament
  11. In My Dear Old Southern Home
  12. Beautiful Stars
  13. Sweet FernSpecial price $12.50!
Jim Lloyd
One Night Only

1.Waiting For The Robert E Lee
2.The Man With The Horn
3.Jonathan Henry
4.Ook Pic
5.Wreak Of The 1262
6.Feet's Too Big
7.Roll Down The Line
8.Hearts And Flowers
9.Walking Stick
10.She Left Me Standing
11.Chinese Breakdown
12.New Moon
13.Bully Of The Town
14.Twilight Time
Jim Lloyd

3.Somewhere Over The Rainbow
4.Margaret's Waltz
5.Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
6.Candy Man
7.Cumberland Gap
8.On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
9.Poor Liza Jane
11.Midnight On The Water
12.Railway To Heaven
13.Cindy/Mississippi Sawyer
14.Cannonball Rage
15.Standing On The Promises


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